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Home Improvement, Remodeling, & Renovation on Hilton Head Island 

Sanddollar Building and Remodeling Inc. in Hilton Head Island strives to produce a luxurious high-quality finish to every project that exceeds your expectations. Get a fresh new look or a new addition to your home when you turn to our contractors for renovations and remodeling design-build construction has revolutionized the way homeowners, architects, designers, and the contractor work together to accomplish a common goal. This is especially true in a remodeling project. Sanddollar Building and Remodeling Inc. will work with you during the design process to define and realize additions, revisions, and renovations that meet your space, style, and most importantly, your budget. As we build out projects, we continuously evaluate finish details and make any necessary adjustments to ensure proper aesthetics in the finished work. 

Our remodeling projects are carefully scheduled and financially managed to ensure on time and on budget completion. All of our contractors share our vision for these projects and are dedicated craftsmen. Whether or not you will be living in the home during construction, we take special care to be as unobtrusive as possible. On both the exterior and the interior, we carefully protect any areas of the home not included in the project. 

Additions we install will appear to have always been part of the original house, not just added on as an afterthought. Interior renovations will add new drama and function to the existing space.

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