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3 Urchin Manor

Our Custom Home Building Process.

At Sanddollar Building & Remodeling, we carefully guide our clients through the building process, providing them with answers, advice and information to give them an exciting and rewarding experience. Our clients play as large, or as small, a role throughout the process as they choose. At one extreme, we have had a client spend countless hours at the job site and at the other extreme we had a client who only visited the job site three times. We encourage our clients to do whatever makes them most comfortable and our team is always available for any support the client may need seven days a week.

We use only first quality building materials that in our past experience have proven to be reliable and problem-free. We then employ some of the area’s most experienced and professional subcontractors, who share our commitment to assisting our clients and building with the highest standards for quality. Many of our subcontractors have had a working relationship with us for over fifteen years. From foundation to finish, all involved strive to provide a finished product that is worthy of our reputation.